Tunza Mama Service

Tunza Mama provides an opportunity for women to access essential maternal and child health services at their door step (at the household or workplace) from competent care givers.

Complete the caregiver request form and we will match your request with a caregiver who will contact you within 24 hours.

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Our Services

Tunza Mama Bundle

Are you considering engaging Tunza Mama through the entire journey?

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Birth preparation class

Want to take charge of your birth experience?

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Post Natal Care Education

Anxious about caring for yourself and the baby after delivery?

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Post Natal Nursing Care

Feeling overwhelmed with it all?

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Complementary feeding Support

Is it already 6 months and you want to introduce other foods?

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Locate a perinatal carer

The services are offered by qualified and licensed Perinatal Educators with backgrounds in registered Midwifery training from reputable institutions in Kenya.

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