2019 – Year in Review

The year 2019 is drawing to a close. At Tunza Mama, we have had an amazing year, which is why we are sharing this Year in Review post. This post highlights some of the moments that made our 2019 phenomenal. You have been a great support to our wonderful team of caregivers, and we are very grateful for this support. As we look forward to what 2020 has in store, here are some of the highlights from the year gone.

Tunza Mama Kisumu Training

Tunza Mama is an entrepreneurial service launched by ISOMUM, a project under AMREF International University. At the core of our services, is the training and empowering of perinatal caregivers. This past November Tunza Mama carried out a 5-day training for health care providers in Kisumu County. This adds to the number of trained caregivers under Tunza Mama in Nairobi and Kisii Counties. The training not only allows caregivers to offer modern and quality care, it also ensures that they are able to offer information to moms and their families in the baby’s first 1000 days of life. Below is a collection of photos from the training, and to the freshly-trained caregivers, we say Karibu sana to the Tunza Mama team.

Mama Toto Pregnancy & Baby Expo – Kisumu

In addition, we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Mama Toto Pregnancy and Baby Expo. This expo, the very first of its kind in Kisumu County, brought together moms-to-be, their partners, new parents and health care providers to Aga Khan Hall for two days. Tunza Mama was well represented by our amazing caregivers from Kisii County. At the stand, we had many pregnant women stop by to learn more about how Tunza Mama can walk with them during their pregnancy and motherhood journeys. There was also a free foot massage, which the pregnant ladies really loved! Below is a snippet of our time at the expo. Be sure to follow us on Instagram too 🙂

Infant Massage Training @AMREF International University

Tunza Mama caregivers had the wonderful opportunity to receive training on infant massage, thanks to the team at Johnson’s Baby. The training which was facilitated by Mercy Keya, allowed our caregivers to learn the basics of infant massage, techniques to be used as well as the great benefits of in massage.

Infant massage

Did you know that massaging infants has excellent benefits, both for the infant and the other? Infant massage does not just refer to touching the baby. According to the Healthy Women website,

“It (infant massage) involves mindfully engaging with the baby, recognizing nonverbal communication and creatively adapting touch to support the child’s sensory needs and capabilities.”

Infant massage is recommended for the following benefits:

  1. It helps the baby sleep better, which in turn is beneficial for parents too.
  2. It helps ease colic and constipation as the techniques used aid in digestion and help relieve discomfort from gas.
  3. With facial massage, babies are able to get relief from the pain associated with teething.
  4. Infant massage provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to bond with the baby. This also boosts your confidence in handling the baby, which is a win-win.
  5. Massaging the baby has also been shown to improve the baby’s weight gain.

Below are some of the shots from the Infant Massage training:


Baby Banda 2019 – Sarit Center

The annual Baby Banda Expo is held in October, bringing together brands that cater to women, babies and their families. Tunza Mama was one of the exhibitors at the Expo. Our team of caregivers was at hand to share with the mainly pregnant women and new parents on Tunza Mama birth preparation classes, Postnatal Care and Breastfeeding. Jacquelyn, one of our caregivers, was part of a panel session that shared on skin care during and after pregnancy. This session was educative, helping learn how to handle skin changes that usually result from the drastic hormonal changes during this transition.

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A number of women also received free relaxing foot massages which came in handy after a long day of sampling what the Expo had to offer. We shared highlights from the expo on our social media pages – we also have a Facebook Page where you can catch up with all our events and activities by clicking on this link. Go ahead, Like our page for this and more on maternal health.

Opening of the new Tunza Mama Offices + Call Center Number

This year saw Tunza Mama open a new office in Utawala. This provides a convenient location where our trained caregivers continue to offer accessible maternal and child services. We look forward to having classes at the new offices too in 2020. The office is located opposite the GSU Training School behind Astrol Petrol Station in Utawala. Interested in paying us a visit? Simply call us and we will schedule an appointment with you.

In addition to the new office in Utawala, we also got a new call center number to ease the ways in which moms and their families can get in touch with us. Talk to us on +254 709 256200 and begin your sessions with a trained Tunza Mama caregiver. Normal tarrifs apply. Alternatively, inbox us on Facebook or DM us using our Twitter and Instagram platforms.

The First 1000 Days Cookbook launch

In August, we had the pleasure of joining Mamake Bobo, Esther the Doula from Mom 360 support and the wonderful ladies from Mumsworld Kenya alongside the amazing Tunza Mama caregivers during the launch of the ‘First 1000 Days’ cookbook.

Why is this book important? It’s because the nutrition that a baby receives in the First 1000 Days (remember we said these days begin from conception to the second birthday) of life determines their health, cognitive abilities and physical development as they grow up.. this s an incredibly critical window of opportunity, making good nutrition a key part of baby’s, families’ and the community’s health.

The launch saw our caregivers share on the importance of nutrition during the preconception period, pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, Edith also shared with the guests on how to transition from Exclusive breastfeeding to complimentary feeding and the introduction of solids.

Tunza Mama Partners’ Forum

Tunza Mama held a partners’ forum in July 2019. to During the ceremony, partners and friends of Tunza Mama shared their commitment to aid in the quest for the brand’s quest towards sustainability. It was a great honor to have the company of different stakeholders at the ceremony.


Tunza Mama caregivers have made numerous media appearances sharing their knowledge on matters maternal health. Whether that’s talking about pregnancy changes, newborn care or breastfeeding, they have been able to articulate topical dicsussions well and connect with the audiences. Below is a summary of these appearances, alongside links where you can find the videos.

Pregnancy and Newborn Care on NTV Sasa with Robina Anene, a trained Tunza Mama caregiver – Link

Breastfeeding and Caring for babies under one year (Link)

The Motherhood Podcast with Rehema Bwari (Link)

Again, we would like to thank you for your continued support all through 2019. Happy holidays and a happy New Year 2020!

Happy Holidays from Tunza Mama