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Market Snapshot


Shortage of Midwives

Health facilities have a shortage of midwives (2.3 midwives per 10,000 people) due to finances to employ



Maternal mortality ratio: 362/100,000 live births and neonatal mortality ratio of 26/1,000 live births.


Infant Deaths

56% of infant deaths Occur during the first month of life.


Post-neonatal mortality

Post-neonatal mortality is 16 deaths per 1,000 live births.


Infant Mortality Rate

The infant mortality rate is at 39 deaths per 1,000 live births,

Problem, Gap & Solution

Shortage of midwives (2.3 midwives per 10,000 people) due to lack of finances to employ the 3,000 comprehensive midwives who graduate annually from tertiary institutions leading to limited access to skilled birth attendants resulting in maternal mortality ratio of 362/100,000 live births and neonatal mortality ratio of 26/1,000 live births.

These deaths can be partly attributable to a shortage of professional midwives, denying women access to high-quality delivery care and emergency services. Over 85% of the deaths can be prevented if we have well-trained, skilled, and motivated midwives.

Tunza Mama offers mothers access to essential maternal and child healthcare services at home, from competent caregivers from their own comfort.

Our Numbers

Our 33 Tunza Mama caregivers have taken care of 1000+ moms in 3 counties and counting,






Established in 2014

We have been providing healthcare since 2014


Danone ecosystem partners with AMREF set up an Institute that delivers a Ministry of Health-accredited perinatal care diploma to unemployed nurses, and also offers training in entrepreneurship and nutritional guidance


The first cohort trained on Kissmee, an accredited network of independent perinatal educators who offer qualitative services to Kenyan mothers


Kisii and Nairobi counties chosen to pilot the Kenya Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Midwife Education and Employment (KISSMEE) project dubbed Tunza mama


Tunza Mama registered as a limited company to offer health social education consultations services to mothers and children in the communities


Tunza Mama starts operations with it’s headquarters in Nairobi

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