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Baby Kicks during pregnancy

Baby Kicks during pregnancy

A L I V E & K I C K I N G 🤰

Many mothers will often look forward to experiencing their baby’s kicks. This usually happens around the 20th week, but some moms feel the kicks a little earlier (usually as flutters or light wisps).

The baby’s movements are a positive sign during pregnancy. Conversely, a reduction in movements is a sign that the baby could be in distress.

One of the most common myths is that baby’s kicks decrease in the third trimester! While babies’ movements tend to level out in the last weeks of pregnancy, they should not reduce. Babies never run out of space to kick while in the womb.

With this in mind, a reduction in baby’s kicks is one of the danger signs in pregnancy. What would help?

– Some moms count the number of times the baby kicks.

– Other moms take note of the patterns in the baby’s movements.

Whenever there is a change in this, it is important that you see a doctor to make sure that the baby is okay. Note too, that in some cases, there is no particular change – yet a mom’s gut feeling is that something is wrong. Even in such cases, be sure to get medical attention. Better safe than sorry.

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