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Baby's Immunization Schedule

Baby’s Immunization Schedule

Earlier this week, a mom reached out to ask why babies are, in the first few months of life (except the BCG injection given on the left arm), injected on the thigh and not the arm? This inspired today’s blogpost, but first, the answer.

This is done because research shows that thigh injections often cause less injection-site reactions. The thigh provides a larger muscle area compared to the arm, and thus lowers the risk of localized reactions.

Below is an immunization schedule as provided for babies up to 18 months. It is important to note that this may change if there are outbreaks and there’s the need for additional vaccine doses. Additionally, most Mother-Child handbooks are equipped with the baby immunization schedule we have shared below.

Baby immunization schedule

How exactly does baby’s immunization work?

Many new parents are aware that their babies need to get immunized after birth, but do you know exactly how this works?

After a baby is immunized, the vaccines they receive stimulate the baby’s immune system to build up antibodies against the diseases. This way, the babies remain protected from getting the disease if and when they get the actual disease.

Tunza Mama Tips

With babies getting multiple vaccine shots in their first year of life, many parents would want to ease the pain and discomfort – sometimes, using paracetamol or other painkillers shortly after the vaccine is administered.

Research shows that, while this is done with the best intentions, the painkillers actually prevent your baby’s body from mounting a full and effective immune response as intended. What ways can you soothe your baby instead?

🤱 – breastfeeding soothes the baby.

👶 – soothe and cuddle your baby

💟 – use a cold compress (putting a cool, wet cloth on the spot can help reduce tenderness and swelling).

NOTE: Most Mother-Child handbooks are equipped with the baby immunization schedule. We have shared with you a draft of the same, alongside when the respective vaccines are given. This information is included in our Postnatal Care Package when you sign up here.

What stage of the immunization schedule is your baby at? How do you manage when your baby goes for their routine immunization? Let us know in the comments below.

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