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Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding provides a healthy foundation for baby and allows bonding between mother, baby and the family. We have shared on breastfeeding in this post, please check it out here.

How does Tunza Mama step up for breastfeeding?

We do this by:

🤱Educating mothers-to-be on breastfeeding – its benefits, potential challenges and how to work around it.

🤱 – Provide a latching guide with our postpartum care package.

🤱 – Follow-up sessions on breastfeeding, leading up to complimentary feeding.

Breastfeeding Positions

There are different breastfeeding positions that nursing mothers can choose from. This is important because there is no right or wrong positioning, and each mother will typically settle into her preference.

🤱– The cradle hold is the most common position, but moms would need a pillow or a support of sorts especially with a newborn.

🤱– The football hold works perfectly for moms with twins, as it allows breastfeeding in tandem.

🤱– Most moms who’ve had a CS will find that the laid back position works seamlessly, as it eases pressure on the CS scar.

Breastfeeding need not be a lonely journey for new mothers and their families. Included in our postpartum packages is new born care & breastfeeding support. Infants will naturally look for the breast once skin-to-skin contact is done.

With this knowledge, our caregivers guide you through latching and learning baby’s cues, providing a smoother transition to breastfeeding your baby. If you are/know a mom and family who’d benefit from our services, do inbox us and we will deliver these services from the comfort of your home.

Dear momma, which of these breastfeeding positions works for you?


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