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The First 1000 Days

The First 1000 Days

The First 1000 Days begin at the moment of conception and carries on through to a baby’s second birthday. the nutrition that a baby receives in the First 1000 Days of their life will determine their health, cognitive abilities and physical development for the rest of their lives.

It is an absolutely critical window of opportunity. If mom and those around her, focus on good nutrition during the First 1000 Days of a child’s life, from the start of pregnancy to the age of 2, they can make the greatest mot positive impact on their child’s health and well-being.

How to improve the First 1000 Days

Start with good nutrition during pregnancy, then exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life (whenever possible) and then followed by appropriate weaning practices. This provides an excellent foundation for a great toddler diet, and the building blocks of optimal physical and cognitive development.

It is incredibly important that mothers, fathers and the community are aware of the critical role that nutrition plays in the First 1000 Days of life. It goes without saying that Tunza Mama is a strong advocate for The First 1000 Days – a movement which we as a society must engage with and provide the best nutrition. This way, not only can we improve the lives of our children, we are also able to provide a healthier future for them.

How does Tunza Mama support you in the First 1000 Days?

Tunza Mama walks with you in the First 1000 Days of Life. Here’s what these days are about:

The First 1000 Days begin at the moment of conception and carry on through to the baby’s second birthday. But just how do we get to the 1000 Days?

Think of it this way:
🤰 – Pregnancy, on average, is approximately 270 days long.

🤱 – Year 1 postpartum is 365 days

👶 – Year 2 postpartum is 365 days.

Total = 1000 Days.

The nutrition that a baby receives during these First 1000 Days sets the foundation for their health later in life. Each Day Counts, and it starts with us!

This is made possible with our packages, check them out here:

  1. The Birth preparation package available during pregnancy
  2. The Postpartum Care Package for new moms
  3. the Breastfeeding Support Package
  4. The Complementary Feeding (weaning) package.

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